Duality: Positive or Negative Consciousness

At any one moment in life a person is situated in a state of consciousness and thoughts that are either more positive or more negative. This goes hand in hand with the predominant nature of the world that we live in, which has duality built into everything. There is day and night bringing light and dark, positive and negative bringing pleasure and suffering, birth and death and thus everything in the universe is either growing or it is dying.That is why we call this world a place of duality.

Consciousness in Degrees

For accuracy sake it is important to mention that mostly things are not all the way dark or all the way light, but there are degrees. So also our state of consciousness at any moment can be either more positive or more negative. As human beings we have the intelligence and power to choose our own states of consciousness, be it either positive or negative. This is based on the decisions we make and the degree of inner qualities that we utilize.

For example if one is upset by something that has happened, there can be conscious decision to not react, which may involve controlling emotional responses through inner strength and by having to let go of something in order to move on. This act and ability to let go begins from a decision, which highlights the importance that we can raise our own consciousness by being in positive frame of mind and attitude, like being in a somewhat open and let go state, being prayerful, being calm, and so on. On the other hand each human being has the negative aspects of consciousness  to deal with also, like being upset, angry, hurt, and having negative, judgmental, discouraging thoughts going on.

Positive Consciousness

A calm, connected, deep, humble frame of mind supports being equipoised. This in turn counter acts getting easily upset or disturbed, leaving one in a more joyful, peaceful, patient and loving way of living. Who doesn’t truly want that?

Negative Consciousness

Negative thoughts, judgments and discouragement may come from a lack of humility, lack of self-worth, misunderstanding something or false beliefs. What is important is to recognize when one is functioning within these negative states of consciousness and then to stop the negativity. This sounds easy to do, but is more often than not difficult to do. Having self-awareness and then the ability to stop the negative state of mind takes ongoing practice and can be done.

Staying within a more positive consciousness will result in a higher quality of life for you and people who come in contact with you. I hope you find this article helpful and that you feel encouraged and empowered to keep taking a higher level of responsibility for your own state of consciousness and know that you can do it! By raising the levels of your consciousness, you are helping to increase the consciousness of the world and ultimately the love within humanity.

Best Wishes,


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