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5 common obstacles preventing you from having spiritual breakthroughs

by Rose Tol, a spiritual life coach and meditation teacher

Spiritual Breakthrough Coaching

Would you like to live your life from a greater spiritual depth?

How would your life look like when experienced and lived from a greater spiritual depth and connection? How is this going to happen for you? In my life I had the privilege to dedicate 30 years to an intense and serious journey. This gave me great insight in what it means to take the straight and narrow path Home. Home to where the heart is. No more separation. Full Union with God. Just Home.


Free Spiritual Breakthrough Coaching Session - by Skype

Every week I offer a few free Spiritual Breakthrough Coaching Sessions so you can receive a taste and experience for yourself the value of this type of coaching. In this session we can discuss your spiritual goals, possible obstacles and see how you can move forward powerfully. 


The basics are everything!

Happiness derived from ego and selfish motivations is temporary and never deeply satisfying. No matter how good it gets on the outside, be it material wealth, status, fame, ego gratification like control or power, it is not fulfilling. These things do not lead us to lasting, authentic happiness, which is happiness from within.

Lasting, authentic happiness is born from consciousness

and it comes from within.

It is who you are.

It is always there.

The pursuit of truth, unconditional love and awareness lead us on the path to fulfillment, joy and lasting happiness, with many spiritual breakthroughs along the way.

In a world that is so ego driven, staying firmly situated on that authentic path, freer and freer each day,  can be most challenging and lonely. That is why it is important to stay loyal to the basics.

Level 1 Teachings - The Basics

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How to save a marriage

In Australia, every third marriage end up in divorce.

In America almost 50% of married couples divorce.

The numbers of people divorced within 5 years of their marriage is staggering. How come that so many people find that passionate love and willingly walk down the aisle, making promises to each other, only to file for a divorce and walk away from the promises they made?

What if more people would ask the question how to save a marriage. Would people find a way to save theirs? Well you are here so let's get to it!

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