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Happiness derived from ego and selfish motivations is temporary and never deeply satisfying. No matter how good it gets on the outside, be it material wealth, status, fame, ego gratification like control or power, it is not fulfilling. These things do not lead us to lasting, authentic happiness, which is happiness from within.

Lasting, authentic happiness is born from consciousness

and it comes from within.

It is who you are.

It is always there.

Most people are not in touch with authentic happiness and it needs to be uncovered.

The pursuit of truth, unconditional love and awareness lead us on the path to fulfillment, joy and lasting happiness.

In a world that is so ego driven, the way to lasting happiness can be most challenging and lonely.

One of the key ingredients to your success is to surround yourself with like-minded and like-hearted people. This way your journey can become richer, more joyful and can speed up if you so desire.

That is what we hope to provide and share with you through this website: A place to be inspired and to meet like-minded, like-hearted people to enrich your own journey to lasting happiness.

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Be the Change Movement

Are you feeling lack of direction? Does your life feel empty? Even though there are great things going on in your life, you still feel this hole inside. We commend you for feeling it and being honest about it. Read more if you like more understanding about this feeling and how to know that you are on track!

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The Relationships Help Program

Can you create or rejuvenate an extraordinary relationship on your holiday?  Yes you can...

Couples Getaway, Spain

The Fast Track Program is Launched!

Rapid Speed Transformation

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How to save a marriage

In Australia, every third marriage end up in divorce.

In America almost 50% of married couples divorce.

The numbers of people divorced within 5 years of their marriage is staggering. How come that so many people find that passionate love and willingly walk down the aisle, making promises to each other, only to file for a divorce and walk away from the promises they made?

What if more people would ask the question how to save a marriage. Would people find a way to save theirs? Well you are here so let's get to it!

Thinking of Relationships Counseling? Read : "What to watch out for in relationships counseling"

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Commit to Be The Change!

People all around the world are joining the Be the Change-Movement to make their personal commitment real. They are committing to not engaging in the following ten negative ways of thinking. read more..

Healthy Relationship Guidelines and Key Ingredients.
A healthy relationship starts with having great love, care and respect for youself first.
The Ability to Resolve Conflict Positively.
To resolve conflict positively is crucial in healthy relationships and successful marriage.
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Relationships Counseling Addresses Problems in Relationships.
Relationships counseling is an effective and intelligent way to help couples with their issues and problems.
The Relationships Help Program is Catered to Your Individual Needs.
The Relationships Help Program is a transformative platform for couples and singles to regain their passion, intimacy and meaning in relationships
Life Coaching Advice Getting to the Heart of the Matter
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Your Online LIfe Coach
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Meditation; Everything you Need to Learn How to Meditate
Truth about Meditation: Anyone can learn to go within, and be with the Source where all intelligence comes from. What is it that you want?
Learning How to Meditate is Easy yet Challenging
In learning how to meditate we need to be open and receptive to what works right now.
Meditation Most Frequent Asked Questions
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The Meditation Room Offers Online Guided Meditations.
The meditation room online is created so that anyone, anywhere can meditate anytime they wish.
The Meditation Corner is a Community of Support and Inspiration.
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We Offer Guided Meditation in All Our Offerings.
A community offering online guided meditation, classes, a 6-week Course, retreats and workshops.
Join the Be the Change Movement Today. It is Free!
The goal of the be the change movement is for the world to become a better place by simply saying NO to the following 10 No's..
The hundredth monkey and the Be the Change Movement.
The hundredth monkey project has proven when something gets in the consciousness of a hundred, it has landed in the greater consciousness.
The About Us Page on R&I Life Coaching Website
Read, About Us, on Ian's and Rose's journey that led to creating R&I LIfe Coaching.
Contact Us for Your Life Coaching Needs in Perth
R&I Life Coaching is located in Perth and offers consultations Online as well at their office. You can contact us at:
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This page is a collection of resources and links to other websites from a life coach that may be helpful to you and your friends and family.
The Secret Garden Retreat
The Secret Garden Retreat is a place to relax, let down, rejuvenate, transform or just be.
Couples Getaway
This couples getaway is the best holiday to create or rejuvenate an extraordinairy relationship on all levels.