Finding your life purpose

"Finding your life purpose and living it, is a most glorious way to live your life. It is what you are made for. It is what you are meant to do"

If I have to say what is the best thing that ever happened for my life I would say that it is to have found God and in that my life's purpose.

The more and more I embrace and surrender to my life purpose, I tap into that eternal flow. Things come to me with ease and effortlessness. I can feel the Universe's support and I seem to become a magnet for all people and things I need to fulfill my life's purpose.

Most of what comes to me, I did not even know I needed. So I have learned to pay attention when something or someone comes into my life that I do not think I have a need for. God always knows better I have learned so it wise to stay open. He has an amazing way to give us what we need when we need it, not more, not less. I learned that this is the true abundance in my life.

I know you have all experienced this; picking up the right book, visiting the right place or meeting the right person. Magic really exists, and these kind of experiences become a daily happening as you start living your life's purpose.

Contemplating the meaning of life and myself helped me to prepare the ground to discovering the purpose of my life;

"The true purpose of your life is something that will be revealed to you on the road of self discovery.

When you find out who you are, truly, from your deepest part, your life purpose is what will give your life meaning and a fulfillment from deep within".

Who are you?

So the question is; Who are you and why are you here? These questions are so beautiful as they will guide you onto the path of self discovery and self realization.

Nobody can tell you who you are. It is what you find deep within as you let go of all the notions, beliefs and concepts of who you think you are. That is right, you are not who you think you are.

You are not:

  •  Your Body
  •  Your Thoughts
  •  Your Feelings
  •  a Man or a Woman
  •  Your Problems
  •  Your Profession
  •  Your Mistakes
  •  Your failures
  •  Your Shortcomings
  •  Your Great Ideas
  •  Your Nationality
  •  Your Achievements
  •  Your Success
  •  Your Accomplishments
  •  Your School Degrees

It does not interest me what you do for a living.

I want to know what you ache for, and if you dream of meeting your heart's longing. Oriah

So if I am not any of that, then who am I?

Exactly, that is the question. Ask, go deep inside, to that place where you are connected and ask again. The answer is deep within you, and by going within on a regular basis you will find yourself closer and closer to the answer. Then you will also get closer to finding your life purpose.

What makes you forget to eat or poop?

You see, even though you are not any of the above mentioned things, you have been born into this life with exactly everything you need to beautifully carry out your life purpose. All the qualities and gifts you have in some way do point to your life's purpose. Here are some practical questions to contemplate and to start paying attention to. It will help you learn more deeply what your gifts and qualities are:

  • What is your life's story? What is the pain of your life? What did you have to overcome over and over again? The specifics of your own life's journey can help you see what you are made for. Our experiences shape who we are in such a big way. And also they prepare you to make you exactly the way you need to be to finding your life purpose and fulfilling it.
  • What are your hobbies? What do you like to do in life? What is something you can spend time on and you never get bored? What are you passionate about? What did you love to do as a child and made you forget to eat or go poo? Those are important keys and point to great qualities you have.
  • What are you are naturally good at is not always what you think!
    Listen to friends and people around you when they tell you what you are good not dismiss it; contemplate it. In a strange way we tend to resist or judge the things we are naturally good at.
  • Who do you admire? Why? Who do you want to be? There might be indicators here for finding your life purpose.
  • Of all the feelings, what feeling would be the number 1 feeling; that if you feel it, you feel fulfilled and you need nothing more?

Desire is your inner guide to your life purpose

There is desire, not the wanting for material things, a desire that stems from the soul. It is a spiritual desire, deep longing from the deepest part of our heart. It is there when we wake up and it is there when we go to sleep. It is that desire that even when everything in life is so good, there is still something missing. It is this silent tug on our heart. Or like in the Matrix they compared it to a splinter in your brain.

This type of desire is your most valuable asset. It is this desire, if followed all the way , that will lead you to your deepest heart's desire and fulfillment; which is to know yourself and to fulfill the purpose of your life.

In most people this desire is often covered over. It burns like a pilot light. But if you uncover it from the disappointments and many hurts that happened along the way in your life, it can become a burning, passionate fire that cannot be stopped.

As this fire intensifies, you will start to feel something pulling on you, deep inside. Follow this pull. This pull is from the source and is calling you Home. As you follow the pull, whatever is in the way of you fulfilling your deepest heart's desires will come to the surface. When this happens welcome the feelings, past hurts, obstacles, concepts or beliefs. Be grateful that they have come to the surface. By giving these things your full attention, by feeling them completely, you can receive understanding and healing and the reason to why they were in your way. In this way you can grow by learning from them and let them go in order to move forward.

This is the fastest way to uncovering your true desire and true self and true purpose of your life.

As you begin to discover in your life a pursuit that completely absorbs you, challenges you, changes you, frees you and gives you a sense of meaning, you are well on your way to finding your life purpose.

We begin to find and become ourselves when we notice how we are already found,

already truly, entirely, wildly, messily, marvelously who we were born to be. Anne Lamott

A powerful practical action

Go give!

Yes, go give your time away for free. You see, everyone's purpose in some way is infused with giving in someway. It is about selflessness and unconditional giving. So going to volunteer somewhere can help to bring out those feelings of being purposeful, to be grateful for who we are and what we have to give. It also ignites that feeling inside of us that loves to make a difference. And everyone's purpose in someway is connected in making a difference; making this world a better place. It is one big puzzle and all of our destiny's are linked together; Increasing the Love.

Volunteering can help you change your perspective on yourself and your job. It might open up the ways you think about a job and making money. It might even offer you new connections with new possibilities to live your life's purpose.

Giving in service from a place of gratitude is a most powerful way to share of yourself and the rewards will come back to you tenfold if not more...but needless to say, that should not be the reason to for it.

"Give and you will receive"

Qualities needed to finding your life purpose

The following list are qualities that are needed in order for you to finding your life purpose.

  • Have Burning Desire
  • Be Openminded
  • Be Determined.
  • Have Humility
  • Able to take Action
  • Be Courageous

I suggest you work on these qualities. Have these qualities be alive inside of you. The stronger these qualities live inside of you the greater your success will be on your journey to discovering who you are and finding your life purpose.

Contact me

One of my greatest passions is to see people find their life's purpose. If you like to talk to me and see if we can uncover your life purpose together, please contact me and let's talk over Skype. I do this free of charge or any obligation. Let's do this together for the world.

Looking forward talking to you soon!

Good luck! Rose

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