How to Save a Marriage - Workbook

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How to Save your Marriage

TITLE: How to Save your Marriage - workbook

AUTHOR: Rose Tol

RELEASED: August 27, 2013

DESCRIPTION: A step by step guide on how to create a lasting and sustaining relationship. [Kindle Edition]

LIMITED DISCOUNT KINDLE TRIAL PRICE : $2.99 till December 15, 2014. After that it will be available for $5.99.

Relationship Expert Dr. Rose Tol, PhD, guides you masterfully step by step to the heart of the matter of your relationship problems and helps you to gain the skills and tools on how to save a marriage.
This work book is for you if you want:

  • To get closer and more connected to your spouse

  • To save your marriage from the brink of divorce or breaking up

  • To convince your spouse that your marriage is worth saving

  • Get honest answers to all your relationships questions

  • To simply learn how to have a loving, lasting and sustaining relationship

  • To deal with relationships problems in a positive way

  • To grow and increase intimacy and love by resolving conflict

  • To maintain a healthy relationship

Information is not going to save your marriage.

If you have relationship problems, marriage problems, live in an unhealthy relationship, maybe you are thinking of breaking up and you are looking for marriage advice, then you have found an absolute gem in the overwhelming world of information.

What people say about this work book How to Save a Marriage:

I felt my marriage was done and over with and did not see any other way out then to file for a divorce.
I then met Ian and Rose and together with my husband Dave we did the program in the workbook, to give it one last shot. To this day, we are so grateful we did. Not only did the program help us to communicate again and feel great respect for each other, we feel more love and passion then when we first met. This truly is a miracle as the spark had been gone from your marriage for over 10 years. Thank you, we owe you everything!
Sue and Dave Armstrong- Perth, Australia. September 2012

My partner and I were arguing a lot and could not feel the passion anymore with each other.
We were growing apart. My partner absorbed himself in his work and I felt he was avoiding home. He felt I was not any more attractive to him and spending all my time managing the kids. The workbook came to us in the right time. It helped us to get straight to the bottom of why we were feeling the way we did, and why there was so little connection and desire to be with each other. Our relationship has changed for the better, so much more passion, love and respect. You have given me back a husband that can't wait to come home to me. It amazes me how it also rubbed off on our children; they like to do activities with us again, together as a family. You made me the happiest mom in the world!
Lyn and Karl Cummings- Mandurah, Australia. November 2012

For a peak into the book on How to Save a Marriage go to the ‘look inside’ tab on the book.

You can be successfully married and enjoy parenting, you love your work, you enjoy financial abundance, you have the emotional strength and spiritual resolve and yet you suffer the frustration of a marriage/partnership that is less than what it could be.

If it is not acceptable to you for your relationship to be less then extra ordinary and fulfilling then this guide is for you.

This workbook is NOT a quick fix!

It is work but I guarantee you that it will be completely worth it and the outcome will be more then you could have ever hoped for.

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If for any reason it does not live up to your expectations then we will refund you your money;



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