Humility is Strength

One thing that is in great shortage of in this world is humility. In a world filled with so much needless sufferings through layers of selfishness and separation, the one quality that does bring relief is humility. So what is humility? Humility is not weak, it does not make anyone better than anyone else. 

Humility is Strength

Humility is strength, humility is understanding that one may not actually know better, humility is consciously giving to someone else's preference, allowing their thoughts, ideas, opinions without wanting anything in return, Humility is giving to another without expecting anything in return. Humility is not sentimental, it is strong and unconditionally caring, meaning that humility is based within love and care. Humility opposes selfishness and separation between people. Humility is giving from the heart. 

In life in general, being more humble is an all-out winner, resulting in fulfilment all-round.
In spiritual life, humility is an essential and key quality to strive for and to nurture. So why not become more humble? Lead by example!


A calm, connected, deep, humble frame of mind supports being equipoised. This in turn counter acts getting easily upset or disturbed, leaving one in a more joyful, peaceful, patient and loving way of living. Who doesn’t truly want that?

Negative Consciousness

One of the powerful ways to find more humility is to pray to find more humility. Another way to find more humility is through heartfelt awareness, look at yourself and think of ways that you can become more humble. At work, driving in your car, walking in public, at home, with family and friends, take a look at all aspects of your life.

Thank you for reading and considering this.
Good luck


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