What can a Life Coach do for me?

Posted by: Rose Tol, R&I Life Coaching, February 12, 2013 in Coaching

what is a life coach
  • Some Facts about Coaching
  • How coaching works?
  • Can you  give me the results?
  • What can I expect?
  • Will the results last?

Hi, let me guess, the reason you are here, landed on this page is because you had an impulse. An impulse to change. This impulse to change is your most valuable asset to move forward in life. If you do not take your next step, which is your impulse to change, you will not receive the information for what is next after that. You see the universal intelligence moves us along very accurately and precisely in our lives to the fulfillment of our deepest hearts desires. The problem is we often can't hear or do not listen. We get this impulse to change our career, or something like, my relationship could be better, and we feel strong and courageous about it. Then a few days later the inspiration the impulse gave you starts to fade to have it be completely forgotten months later down the track. You see we need guidance, support and a structure to be able to act and follow through on our impulses. If we do not act, we are going to live the life tomorrow that we live today, not much change, no growth.

Our impulses are signals, and they are not only the signals that will help us achieve the goals we are striving for, but the signals that are telling us how to evolve as people. If we ignore these impulses, we'll feel restless at a very deep level - knowing something is wrong, but not sure what. Not understanding this restlessness, we must seek ways to quieten it - TV, movies, alcohol, smoking, over-reading etc.

A life coach can help you harness the energy of change and help you gain momentum in making the impulses reality.

Some facts about coaching.

  • Did you know that, on average, a highly motivated person working with a coach will make progress many times faster and has a much greater chance of success than the same person trying to do it on their own?

  • Time is one of your most valuable assets. That means that working with a life coach could potentially save you years, or even decades of your valuable time by helping you to make unprecedented strides toward a higher quality of life.
  • Every top athlete works with a coach who helps them unlock their full potential. Even the most gifted and dedicated in their field still benefit from working closely with a qualified coach.
  • By far, the simplest and most powerful way to create positive change in your life is with one-on-one coaching. This is because with coaching you get 100% personalized assistance precisely tailored to your individual needs.

In your life, have you ever wondered if a qualified life coach might be able to help you unlock your full potential?

“Learn from the experts. You will not live long enough to figure it all out by yourself.” – Brian Tracy

What is a Life Coach?

Can a Life Coach Give me the Results I Want?

We know from experience that the key to helping you achieve outstanding results quickly is to guide you to discover who you really are on the deepest core level because that’s the source of your greatest personal power. Working together we can unlock your real potential by tapping into the power of your deepest motives, passions, and values, while also eliminating the limiting beliefs that hold you back from personal excellence.

So can you have the results you are looking for? Yes, but more importantly, "what is it that you truly desire"?

Creating a healthy foundation.

Every building sits on a foundation. If the foundation is solid the integrity of the building is greatly enhanced. If the foundation is faulty it doesn’t matter how much time, effort, or money goes into the building. That building will always be lacking structural integrity.

The same can be said of the life we build for ourselves. Without a solid foundation we will never realize our full potential and achieve the quality of life we long for. We will always be susceptible to foundational (core) vulnerabilities like self-sabotaging behaviors and emotional insecurities. As a result, genuine happiness and satisfaction will continue to elude us.

Knowing how to examine your personal foundation will allow you to understand yourself with much greater clarity. In turn, knowing yourself better will lead to making wiser decisions about the direction of your life.

What can you expect?

You will begin a one-on-one relationship with us where we work with you to accomplish a real personal or professional breakthrough. We provide the personalized assistance needed to help you maximize your potential, overcome your obstacles, and accomplish your goals. Breakthrough Coaching is about getting unstuck fast so you can move forward on your own terms and create genuine positive changes in your life. Click life coach to see what coaches are available to you.

Will the results last?

As our coaching client you will get results because the first thing we will do together is work on your personal foundation. The real reasons we get stuck in life are usually a little more deep-rooted than we initially suspect. Once we pull out those roots things can change very quickly. Core issues are like emotional weeds that choke out our ability to realize our full potential. To stop them from coming back we need to get rid of the roots.

Most people who hire a coach are already extremely capable and talented. They recognize that working with a coach on their goals or to get past their sticking points makes it possible to achieve much greater results in considerably less time. So, even though coaching costs money, they feel that it’s well worth the investment because of the payoff. It saves them time and greatly speeds up their progress.


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