Life Coaching
The Basics

If this page were all you read, then here is the free life coaching advice that we would give you!

And remember the clock is ticking, time is short. Life can change on a dime. Make your life count.

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Simple versus Complicated

We have learned with life coaching that the more simple a tool or strategy is, the more potent the result seems to be. When something is complicated it seems to hold a lot of illusion, not true, not real. When something is simple in it's nature it is close to the truth. The truth is simple, the illusion is complicated.

Also difficulty often shows up in the ongoing application, the staying with the tool or practice, letting the practice change habits in the mind and heart. That is the reason we all need a friend at times by our side to hold us through it and sometimes giving us a loving push. This is what a coach can be for you.

It is all a matter of Perspective

“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way,

the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist”

Friedrich Nietzche

We are all seeing, hearing and feeling situations, objects and people through our own filters. From these filters we create a perspective, like looking through a particular lens. This is how we see things, this is how we respond to things. These perspectives then form the concepts you belief in. These beliefs form then the construct of who you think you are. Most of us are only aware of a small part of our belief system because we only choose to see what we want to see and how we want to see it. As we grow up we formulated and decided on what our view is of the world, what is right and wrong, what we like and don't like. 

It is important to see that your belief system is only one perspective. As many people there are, as many perspectives there are. And it is our perspective that determines our experience of things, not the circumstances themselves as we like to belief.

Keep this in mind as you embark on your journey and learn from people and teachings.

The Tool Looses its Potency

At times in life we need different life coaching tools or strategies, and sometimes we need to change our tool.

Important: A life coaching tool or strategy when applied at first might have great results and then the effects seem to weaken. It's time to change the tool or the way you are applying the tool. For more suggestions on how to do this please read the tool: Tool Potency.

The 5 keys to Moving Forward

If you stay aware and keep yourself in check with these 5 keys you will have what it takes to keep moving forward. These 5 keys are qualities that are already living inside of you. It is a matter of connecting with them inside and applying them. The 5 Keys are:

  1. Be Open and Stay Open
  2. Trust Yourself and Be Honest
  3. Say No to the Fear
  4. Desire is Everything
  5. Never Give Up

The 12 Steps to Success

This life coaching tool is a guided, in depth, problem solving platform that you can use over and over and guarantees results when done wholeheartedly. What really are your desires and your values? Find out what your obstacles are and learn to efficiently remove them.
This is your instant, on demand life coach.
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