The Marriage Survival Kit

Hot Sauce: to keep things spicy.

Lollipop: to help you lick your problems, no matter how many there may be.

Rubber Band: to help you to remember to be "flexible" in all things.

Paper Clip: to help you "hold it all together."

Stick of Gum: to help you stick together.

Safety Pin: to help you "pin-point" your problems, the better to solve them!

Lifesaver: to keep you from drowning in everyday problems.

Lemon drop: to remind you that "when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade."

Penny: to give you extra cents (sense) to know which battles are worth fighting, and which are better ignored.

Button: to remind you that sometimes you need to "button your lip."

Tootsie Roll: to help you roll with the punches.

Eraser: to remind you that everyone makes mistakes.

Mints: because you were "Mint to be Together!"

ChapStick: to keep your lips kissable.

Confetti: to remind you to always add sparkle to your lives.

Toothpick: to always pick out the good in your mate.

Jar of Jam: if you’re ever in a Jam.

Pad of Paper: his to do list (keep her happy, because if she isn’t happy you’re not going to be happy).

Excedrin: no more excuses.

Duct Tape: so she can tape his mouth shut before he gets in trouble.

Air Freshener: honeymoons over he/she will start farting in bed now.

Dove: for your promise to love, cherish and honor each other.

Skittles: for the rainbow of excitement you share.

Good & Plenty Candy: may you always remember the "good" times and may you have "plenty" of them.

Calendar: may the two of you be more in love with every passing day.

SweeTarts: because you are each other "sweethearts."

Crayons: to "color" your days bright and sunny.

Starburst: to give you a "burst" of energy on the days you don’t have any.

Sweet & Sour Candy: to appreciate the differences in each other.

Candle: may the glow of romance always be a part of your love.

Teabag: in case you ever get into hot water, make tea and share it.

Pack of Tissues: to remind you to dry each other’s tears.

Matches: because you are "A Perfect Match".

Hugs & Kisses:

to remind you that someone loves you and to give this to one another unconditionally