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There is no greater feeling in life when you know you have made a difference. True fulfillment comes from contributing to something larger then yourself. And it becomes deeply satisfying when you serve, contribute, and touch others.

Unfortunately, most of us have settled for something that falls below our deepest desires. We all want love, passion and happiness, yet most of us fill ourselves up with work, friends, sports, food, or causes outside the realm of passion, purpose, and intimate love.

The good news is that regardless of how your life has been, what your experiences have been, who you think you are and what you can do and what you can not do, the promise of something deeper, richer, fulfilling is in your grasp.

The ultimate key to creating and experiencing a life with purpose and outstanding, fulfilling relationships, however, is to first work on YOU: is all about what you can give, what you can contribute, what you can share, who you can be for others that will fill you up.

Empty Life

  • it is all about me
  • what is in it for me
  • I will be what you want me to be.

Fulfilling Life

  • it is all about giving
  • it is not about me
  • how can I be there for you?
  • what can I bring to the relationship?

Your task is not to see for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

— Rumi

Great... ready for some life coaching? Let's get started!

In order for you to succeed, firstly you need clarity about what it is that you want and secondly what it is that is in your way of you getting it. This needs to be very specific and precise.

The "12 steps to success" life tool and tutorial is specifically designed to help you in this process.

12 steps to success, life tool and tutorial

Below are the 5 key ingredients which we as life coaches recommend for your rapid journey towards success :

1. Be Honest. Honesty is the start of your journey to truth; it gets you to be real, specific and it slows you down...all very important ingredients in gaining clarity.
2. Be Open. Open-mindedness is crucial as you are seeking and asking for inner assistance, and need to be sincere and somewhat humble as you might receive answers you would rather ignore.
3. Trust Yourself. You have to learn to trust what you hear from within. Then trust when you need to hear from others. Yes in the end you have to trust the whispers from within and act accordingly.
4. Say No to Fear. Having courage does not mean that you feel no fear. It just means you will not let the feeling of fear stop you. The fear is like a trick to stop you from getting what you want. "Don't let the fear stop you".
5. Never Give Up. As long as you do not stop trying you will succeed. If you stop trying you will not succeed. Giving up can never be an option. Have the mindset of success: be determined and never give up!

What is a life coach?

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