Directions to the Secret Garden

Malaga to Secret Garden

Here follows the directions to the Secret Garden Retreat from Malaga - Estepona - Genalguacil

  • Take the A7, a freeway with direction Algeciras, to Estepona. ( If you take the AP7 you will pay TOL for the road).
  • Take the exit: Estepona - Palacio y Congresos
  • At Round-About at the bottom of exit go left…..towards Estepona / Centro Urbana (= Centre)
  • Immediately there is another roundabout and take the second exit towards Estepona Centre - street name: Av. del litoral
  • Keep following this street, crossing 3 roundabouts….straight.
  • Then at 4th roundabout keep following the road towards the right, upwards = Av. Andalucia
  • After about 7 streets on the right….Turn right on Av. de Los Reales. This is the road to Genalguacil , the MA 557 (8301)      (If you see the Mercadona, a supermarket on the right then you have gone too far.)
  • The MA 557 / 8301  takes you all the way up the mountain. 
  • On top of the mountain you come to a stop sign and split. You can drive to Genalguacil in 2 ways:
  • To the right it says Jubrique and Genalguacil…..If you take this road you will drive over Jubrique. This way is about 15 minutes longer, but all asphalt. The other way, straight over, is shorter yet has 3,5 of dirt track road...which is quite good, but still it is a track. It is up to you.
  • 1. Over through the village in direction Genalguacil/Algatocin. At an intersection 5 minutes after Jubrique turn left following the sign to Genalguacil. You are on the MA537. The after KM pole 2km, then 750 meters more, to the right you see a street called "Camino Los Limones". It has a road sign, 8T with a red border and a big sign from the Junta Andalusia. The road is partly gated with a cow grid on the floor. This is the road to take...
  •  2. Go straight over and go down the mountain towards Genalguacil, the MA537. Follow this road all the way down, cross a little arroyo... and up again…soon you will see Genalguacil on the left side. Once you see Genalguacil the road will become a dirt road for about 3.5 km’s. Keep going. This road will take you all the way into the village Genalguacil. Go straight through the village. The road forks at one point….keep going straight…do not go down hill. This road will take you all the way through the village. Once you are through the village keep going. You are now on the road from Genalguacil to Jubrique/Algatocin. The MA537.Follow the road down to KM pole 3km. Then after the next corner, about 250m you will see a road to the left (look carefully as it is a 360 degrees turn!) ; it is partly gated and has a cow grid in the road. It also has a road sign, 8T with a red border and a big sign from the Junta Andalusia..      see picture below...this is the road to take...
  • This is the road to take…you swing into this road with about a 360 degree turn.
  • Go down this road. Soon this road becomes a dirt track.
  • Take the first right, right by the electricity boxes (before driving through a second gate)
  • Now follow the track all the way down to the river. You will see the sign “Seralgenal” This is our FInca… are almost there....
  • Keep going…..all the way down. The track is in good condition, just drive slowly and enjoy the views. We are the last FInca at the bottom of the track.

Camino de los limones

Gaucin or Ronda to Secret Garden


  • From Gaucín or Ronda: Drive towards Algatocin/Ronda

  • Turn left at Algatocin if you come from Ronda....Turn right if from Gaucin. There is a sign saying:  Jubrique / Genalguacil

  • Drive through the village and keep following the road to the camping St. Juan.

  • After 8-Kilometers, There is a t-junction where you can go to Jubrique or Genalguacil. Turn right, kind of straight over,  to Genalguacil

  • Then after about 2.7Km, Turn off to the right. (Between pole that says 2Km and 3Km)" This is known as "Camino de Los limones” This street is a country side road and is partly gated at the entrance with a wild roster. Cross through the gate.

  • Drive down approximately 0.5Km. Turn right at the first right track,  at the electrical meters, before passing through another gate.

  • Follow the road down…drive slowly…it is a good track. 

  • Turn left at the gate at the name “Seralgenal”. This is our Finca. 

  • Follow the road for approximately 1KM all the way down to the Finca. It has many curves…take them all the way down to the end. 

  • Welcome to the Secret Garden!


  • Conducir hacia Algatocin
  • Gire a la izquierda en Algatocín, hacia Jubrique / Genalguacil.
  • Después de ocho (8) kilómetros, girar a la derecha en la intersección de Genalguacil.
  • A 2,7 kilometros, gire a la derecha.  Esto se conoce como, Carril de Los Limones
  • Conducir bajando durante aproximadamente 0,5 kilometros  girar a la derecha y seguir por la carretera hacia abajo 0,5 kilometros
  • Gire a la derecha en los contadores eléctricos. en la parte inferior de la carretera
  • girar a la izquierda en la cancela con el nombre de "Seralgenal"
  • Continúe la carretera hacia abajo durante aproximadamente 1 km hasta la finca el carril tiene unos 15 curvas cuesta abajo. La casa se encuentra al final del carril
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