Simplifying, why is a simple life a healthy life?

Posted by: Rose Tol, R&I Life Coaching, February 22, 2013, Simplifying in Life Coaching


Today many of us suffer from the complexity of life, from the daunting thick manuals for our cell phones to the intricate mechanisms of the world economy that made us loose money on the stock exchange (although we were told it is easy to get rich with stocks!)

We suffer because of the unspoken demand for “more, more, more” in our environment.

The Truth about Clutter and Excess

Happiness is often felt as “having more, having something extra”. Simplifying however is essentially a non-doing. It is the opposite of demand. It is the opposite of pressure. It is the opposite of complicated.

It is an ability that you have already inside of you.

Going “back to simplicity” is not a going back in time. It is not going back to the good old times or going back to nature. The journey is a forward motion, making the changes that lie before you and inside of you that move you towards simplicity.

When we gather and hold on to too many things or thoughts, our environment and our mind becomes cluttered. When we have clutter around us, when we have clutter in our mind, we can not think clearly or be creative. When we are full of clutter, there is no space for new things to come into our life or mind.

There is a similar connection between the chaos in your immediate environment and your motivation to work; disorder brings about procrastination. Clutter ties up energy and inhibits concentration.

If you are surrounded by more things than you can manage, you feel weakness on a subliminal level. Clutter impairs your development. Because things that are piled up are frequently associated with memories, so they bind you to the past.

Clutter can make you fat. This discovery has been made by some clutter experts like Karen Kingston and Peter Walsch. People with a lot of clutter in their house are often overweight. It may be that both body fat and material possessions can serve the purpose of self protection. Obesity is often associated with “emotional constipation”. In the same way that you can’t let go of feelings and so you hoard memorabilia, your body can hold back the metabolic processes and switch over to “store mode”.

Clutter is post-phoned decisions.

Clutter costs money. A lot of one’s capital is tied up in things we” might use one day”.

People who collect often live in houses that are too big. You spend your time and money maintaining and caring for your things. Unorganized systems fail to care properly for your belongings and you pay more money for breakdowns and repairs.

What can simplifying do for me?

  • Simplifying will bring back to you the meaning of life.
  • It will help you learn the art of mastering life – unlocking the full potential of your life, leading to happiness and fulfillment. You living your best life!
  • Simplifying will change you inwardly and outwardly.
  • Simplifying will help you develop qualities you did not even know you had.
  • It gives you a feeling of deep calm and inner peace.
  • Simplifying gives us satisfaction.
  • Simplifying gives us the time we never thought we had.
  • It will give you the money that you need.
  • Simplifying will give your life value and the love you have been searching for.

Nobody can give you the meaning of life from outside; it is within you!

The path of simplification will help you to get there.

Some Tips to Get Started

  1. Begin with small steps. Divide the work into easily digestible sections instead of undertaking some gigantic challenge.
  2.  Regard your desk as a reflection of your mind. Whatever is lying on your desk you also carry in your mind. An orderly desk is an orderly mind.
  3.  When you have a large workload take time first to tidy up your desk and the space around it. The results will be more than worth the time it takes to tidy up, as you will work more focused and faster and you be happier with your work.
  4.  Remember, any clutter left in your house, even if it is tucked away pulls on your consciousness one way or the other. You only become free from it when you get the stuff out of your house.
  5. Use your calendar….if it is not in time you will never do it!
  6. If you have a big project to do, like de-cluttering and cleaning a garage, ask friends to come help.
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