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The 10 No's are printed on a wallet size thick, high gloss quality paper stock for you to share and give away!

People love receiving these.

AU$5 for 20

AU$10 for 50

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The Modern-Day Meditation Guidebook

by Jim St. James

This guidebook gives you an in-depth understanding about the Modern-Day Meditation. Included is an mp3 CD with two guided meditations and original music. With the guided meditations you can easily start to practice the meditation at home.

"The Modern-Day Meditation is for everyone, no matter what religion, no matter what path, whether you believe in God or do not believe in God; everyone somehow connects to the origin where all intelligence comes from." - Gourasana.  86 pages


Breaking the Cycle of Birth and Death

by Gourasana

This book by Gourasana, also known as the Golden One, current day Incarnation of God, is a masterpiece collection of quotes offering inspiration, direction, and guidance on breaking free in this lifetime, ending separation, and returning Home to God. 126 pages


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