My partner and I have opposing opinions on humankind as a whole, I am hopeful and strongly believe that people are kind natured and giving (weather the actions they display are ethically or morally acceptable or not). I hope for the best while reminding myself not to be disappointed if someone were to act which I considered "bad". My partner on the other hand has acquired the cynics view of others and always expects the worst and he will be disappointed. I love it when he is genuinely surprised by another's kindness and seeing a little of his faith restored when this happens is why I am joining.

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Jul 11, 2015
Mother Theresa
by: Rose

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples"

Aug 06, 2014
Is mankind good or bad?
by: Ian

If human nature is to be kind and caring, then why is there so little true care in the world? This is because we are all capable of both light and of dark. It is also important to notice that the nature of this world is inescapably dualistic, meaning that there is duality in everything, including within our selves. So it becomes our responsibility as individuals to work on our selves and thus increase the overall consciousness of mankind. Every negative thought or action that gets changed into a positive and helpful one, makes a difference, even though it may seem like going against the mood of the rest of the people. If we all did nothing, then nothing would change, but if one person does something positive, then everything changes, because it creates an energy which can inspire someone else to also make positive changes and before long it has grown and grown to make a big change.

Your desire for your partner to have more faith in mankind is important because it will spill over and encourage him and others to step on board the wagon of "be the change" that is growing in numbers all over the world.

Welcome to "the Be the Change-Movement"

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