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Gandhi be the change

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It is Free

It will change your life

and the lives of those around you


People all around the world are joining the Be the Change-Movement to make their personal commitment real. They are committing to not engaging in anyone of the following 10 negative ways of thinking.

say, hear and speak no evil

The 10 No's

  1. No Judgments
  2. No Discouragement
  3. No Negative Thinking
  4. No Assumptions or Speculation
  5. No Hearsay
  6. No Rumor
  7. No Gossip
  8. No Wallowing
  9. No Complaining
  10. No Issues

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Our Goal

To have a minimum of 100 people from each country in the world join the Be the Change-Movement.

Why One Hundred?

Once the consciousness of the 10'No's has landed in 100 people, it has automatically landed in the greater consciousness. This is scientifically proven and is referred to as "The Hundredth Monkey effect".

The Birth of the Be the Change-Movement

Rose: The inspiration for the Be the Change-Movement came to me on the morning after my Birthday. I think we all experience the "oei" when we are asked: "what do you want for your birthday"? I wanted something different, something for everyone for my 49th birthday and I asked deeply from my heart all day: "How can I make a difference in this world? Like a big dent, a massive increase of love for everyone"? I went to sleep consumed with this question. The following morning, I was not awake and not asleep. 

be the change circle

It is that special moment when you are kind of in 'between' worlds. I saw lots of people holding hands in great green fields and the words that came from inside the circle were: Stand up for the 10 No's and Be the Change. The words were spoken louder and louder and rippled out from the circle all the way around the world touching everyone. The movement of that ripple was so powerful. Nothing could stop it. No one could resist it. How could anyone? The 10 No's create space for that unconditional everlasting love, the real love, the love of God, the Source, however you name it. It is what we all want.

Thank you for reading about the birth of the Be the Change-Movement and I invite you wholeheartedly

to stand up together for the 10 No's and inspire others!

Both Ian and myself were introduced to these 10 No's by Kalindi many years ago and fell in love when practicing it. It is so simple yet potent at the same time. And I thought: "If the whole world could practice these 10 No's then it would be a better place because of it". Practicing the 10 No's clears the path for true respect, care and love. As a great old song said: "What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It is the only thing that there is just to little of..."

be the change banner

How do I join?

If you want to be part the Be the Change-Movement, then join by filling out the form below. You are welcome to keep sharing your realizations and creative ideas to bring these 10 No's around the world. Inspire the world as you share! and it is FREE!

Make sure you mention the country where you live so I can add them to our goal list for 100 countries.

To see where we are at with the 100 countries go to: "The Hundredth Monkey"

Join the Be the Change-movement. It is free!

Inspire the world by sharing your experience and journey with the 10 No's.

What Others in the Be the Change-movement Have Said

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United States 
I've always been one to not go with the crowd. When I was younger I just thought I was a weird kid and I would eventually catch up with everyone else. …

United States 
I’m not perfect. Nothing and no one person is, but with positivity, I believe we can work together as people with mutual respect and love to make the world …

Hello and Good Afternoon . My name is Minister Anthony Gilbert , an Evangelist . We are instructed to go ye into the highways , the byways and come …

I'm joining the be the change movement because I haven't always felt the best about my self I struggled with a lot of self confidence and I still so I …

My partner and I have opposing opinions on humankind as a whole, I am hopeful and strongly believe that people are kind natured and giving (weather the …

My desire is to live a loving & joyous life, in a world where we do not hear bad news of wars, of people hurting, abusing or taking advantage of each …

They are great and inspiring principles to live and love by :)

I am drawn to peaceful, caring ways that make things better for others. My goal is to lead by example, ie walk my talk & be the change I want to see.

I would like to share with you a reflection from my friend Jim that speak so beautifully to what is needed from all of us. "Love transcends age, gender, …

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