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All our classes, courses and retreats include the power of guided meditation. Especially when you are learning meditation through an online course, meditations that are guided can take you very far. It is not the type of meditation where you are guided through landscapes and images. It is also not by focusing on one technique coming from a spiritual teaching of belief. The way we teach meditation is by teaching you the mechanics of meditation and the many different skills and tools so that by the end of the course you will be able to apply all you have learned to your own meditation practice.

Our 6-week Meditation Course is therefor suitable for beginners and for advanced meditators who want to excel in their practice. If you are looking for a meditation for beginners I can wholeheartedly recommend to you the 6-week Course. The benefits from meditation happen for you when you get good at meditating through practice. It is true, practice makes master. The course will give you 6-weeks to get enough practice under your belt so you can on goingly practice meditations at home and enjoy it because of the many benefits you receive.

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Experience a Guided Meditation Right Now!

The Meditation Room

If you live in Perth you can come to our meditation center and join for a guided meditation, the meditation classes, the 6-week  Meditation Course or a retreat.

If you like to learn how to meditate from the comfort of your own home then you have several choices.

  1. Go to The Meditation Room and meditate to the guided meditations offered there
  2. Do the 6-week Meditation Course Online
  3. If you have more then 6 friends that want to learn how to meditate you can offer the course from your home.

How long should I meditate for to have results?

Is there a best time to meditate and how often and for how long do I need to meditate to have the results? In these modern times where life has sped up drastically, the demands and obligations are 10 fold from only 10 years ago, the need for time out, to step out of the race, is greater then ever. Because of the increase demands there also seems less time left for a meditation practice. That is why it is so important for you to choose a practice that delivers results in short time.

In some way unique to each, everyone has challenges to living each day and could often use better tools to navigate through life. Even if you use meditation just five minutes a day, there can be a gain that will have made that little endeavor very worthwhile. In five minutes of applying the meditation principles, you can gain more insight into that which challenges you most in life, and what to do about it. All effort of looking within goes toward enriching your life and having a greater sense of harmony and balance without trying to conform to spiritual concepts and beliefs.

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