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Spiritual Life Coach and Fellow Traveler.

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Ian's corner is a place where you can come and ask the deep, intimate personal questions that are bothering your heart and stirring your soul on your quest for peace and fulfillment.

Ian is a qualified spiritual life coach and respects your privacy and will respect every question asked.

What people have said about Ian:

  • I have been writing to Ian, for a year now and the messages he is given me always pointed me to the straight and narrow path with so much passion and enthusiasm. My gratitude is great. Mark A., USA
  • Ian's comments are a breath of fresh air for me and keep me out of the issues and focused on what is really important in my life. Suzie T., AUS
  • Ian's passion for the truth ignites my own desire and he makes the journey to the truth so much more clearer and doable. Thank you Ian! Hans A. GER

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