the meditation room

The meditation room is in creation...feel free to come back later and enjoy many different meditations.

The Meditation Room is a room where you can come to and immerse yourself in meditation. You will find many different types of meditations to serve your needs. Some are guided with music, some are guided in silence. Be Open & Explore... I wish you a good meditation.

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modern-day meditation

The Modern-Day Meditation, the GMP, is for people who want to know the deeper, truer parts of themselves as well as for those who want to find answers needed to work out material life problems and goals. It is also very much a meditation for those who have the specific desire to fully reunite with the Source. But you don’t have to be on a spiritual path, or even believe in God, to receive assistance from this meditation. To read more about this meditation: The Modern-Day Meditation.

Introduction to the Modern-Day Meditation

by: Jim St. James

Duration: 6:45min

Topic: Introduction

Description: Jim introduces the Modern-Day Meditation Practice. Jim is a teacher and developer of the Modern-Day Meditation. It is truly a gift to be guided into meditation by a master. A great offering in the meditation room.

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Preparation for the Modern-Day Meditation

by: Jim St. James

Duration: 4:23min

Topic: Preparation

Description: Jim explains how to best prepare yourself for this meditation practice.

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Guided Meditation of 3 parts.

by: Jim St. James

Duration:1 hour

Topic: A guided Modern-Day Meditation

Description: This meditation is excellent to learning the art of focusing and how to keep your focus and addresses the many obstacle that can come your way.

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