the meditation room

The meditation room is in creation...feel free to come back later and enjoy many different meditations.

The Meditation Room is a room where you can come to and immerse yourself in meditation. You will find many different types of meditations to serve your needs. Some are guided with music, some are guided in silence. Be Open & Explore... I wish you a good meditation.

Royalty Free Meditation Music

guided meditations online

These guided meditations are about 5 to 10 minutes long and cover many different topics like Relaxing the Body, Calming the Mind, Releasing Stress, Letting Go, Re-Energize etc.   These shorter type of meditations are excellent to listen to when you do not have much time but want to take a few minutes to re-group, re-center or need to relax or re-energize.

Time to Relax

by: Rose Tol

Duration: 10min.

Topic: Relaxing the body and the mind

Description:  A guided meditation to relax your body and your mind with a trickling brook in the background.

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