by Anthony Dexter Gilbert
(Freeport , Bahamas)

Hello and Good Afternoon .
My name is Minister Anthony Gilbert , an Evangelist . We are instructed to go ye into the highways , the byways and come compel them to come in .
However , I love outreach and truly believe that because of the experience individuals have had with what they have seen within the walls , there is a lack of respect.
I believe that the way we live life , the example that we set , is what is going to make a difference .At the same time , we are living in a world where very seldom people know what it is to forgive .

As I was doing a research recently regarding quotes , I found the quote "BE THE CHANGE" and it has stuck with me since .
My passion and desire is to really be a part of something which will bring change .

Today , in researching once again , I came across your website.


I would really like to be a part of this and launch it here in Freeport , Grand Bahama , Bahamas .

How do I start ? Can I get some assistance or guidance from you ?

Minister Anthony D. Gilbert c/o


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Sep 24, 2015

by: Rose

Dearest Anthony,

Wonderful to feel your enthusiasm to make a difference. I appreciate your sincerity of wanting to walk your talk. I also believe that this is the way for change to happen; by being an example ourselves.

Regarding your desire to join the movement. Well you just have! and you can do so much more...

I love mother Theresa's saying: I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.

The 10 NO'S is a brilliant way to cast a big stone. Let me explain why and a how you could do it:

The 10 NO'S are real. You have to keep yourself accountable. It is my own experience that it takes continuous work on myself, diligence and self-awareness to master living in and from the 10 NO'S. Therefore it is great to do this work and the commitment to master them together with others. With a partner, your family or a group; an existing one or a new one. This way you can have goals and you have support to succeed.

A way you could do it Anthony is by inviting your friends, family, co-workers etc. to join the movement. Then find a way to support each other. You can come together or create a facebook site. You could all write something daily...the wins and losses...and inspire each other to stay with it. You can have sharing/discussion circles with your existing congregation or groups. "Which of the 10 No's are you strong in, what are your weakest?" Now you got the work cut out for each other.

If you think about it, if we all would live the 10 NO'S, there is not much room for any illusory behaviors and activities. There would be harmony, respect and we would deeply care for each other. It is the foundation where real Love can grow. And I mean the real Love with the capital "L" of which there is so little in this world.

I hope you keep sharing with this blog what you are going to do Anthony and be an inspiration for others to follow.

AND...let's get the Bahama's to be the first to have 100 people standing committed to the 10 NO'S! That would be something...

Much love and good luck,


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