Be the Change; Live the 10 No's

Posted by: Rose Tol, R&I Life Coaching, March 26, 2013 in Meditation

Most of the suffering that we encounter in our lives is a direct result of our thinking, the state of our mind. The 10 No's are ten ways of thinking, habits of the mind that result directly in suffering. If you would master to control your mind and specifically omit these 10 ways of thinking you would alleviate most of the suffering in your life.

The 10 No's

  1. No Judgments
  2. No Discouragement
  3. No Negative Thinking
  4. No Assumptions or Speculation
  5. No Hearsay
  6. No Rumor
  7. No Gossip
  8. No Wallowing
  9. No Complaining
  10. No Issues

Imagine...if the world would stop participating in these 10 ways of thinking! A world where nobody is judged! A world that does not talk negatively about others and self...there actually will be respect and care felt from and to all human beings. The world would be a much better place!

Just simply practicing and mastering these 10 No's will have you grow tremendously and the impact you will have not only on  your  own life bot all others you come in contact with will bring peace to the world.

A Most Powerful Exercise

If you have awareness, you have a choice to not be engaged in the 10 No's!

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Which of the 10 No's do you participate in the most during the day?
  2. Which of the 10 No's do you participate in the least?
  3. From your list of "participate in the most", what are the top 2? Which 2 of the 10 No's do you participate in most during your day?

Journal about these 2 habits of the 10 No's and let your awareness grow as you journal; Why do I engage in this?; When do I engage in this? What outside triggers have me engage in this habit? How do I feel when I am in this habit?

Now choose a day of your week where you will do the following:

  • Take a little mini notepad and pen and carry it with you during the day.
  • Choose the habit, one of the 10 No's, that you want to focus on.
  • Then, every time when you notice yourself engaging in this habit, you take out your notepad and put a mark down. The by the end of the day count all the marks and see how many times you noticed yourself engaged in this habit.

"How many marks did you make?"

Join the Be the Change-Movement!

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