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Business coaching is a great investment, always! A survey, conducted by the University of Pittsburgh's Katz Business School, points out that communication skills, including written and oral presentations, as well as an ability to work with others, are the main factor contributing to job success.


  • Companies are learning that trust determines the speed of communication.
  • When trust is low you limit communication.
  • When people are in trust they communicate everything openly without restrictions.
  • You get a huge flow on information.
  • With distrust they only communicate a small percentage of the information they have.
    Eventually this leads to breakdowns.
  • Business coaching can help you open the doors to trust greatly.

Are you READY to take yourself  and your team TO THE NEXT LEVEL IN:

  1. the power of communicating
  2. dealing with conflicts
  3. expanding leadership
expanding leadership

At R&I business coaching, we are passionate about you dramatically improving the success of your business. Your business is people, and that is why we start there.


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Corporate Meditation

Time Magazine in its August 2003 edition depicted on its cover a photograph of actor Heather Graham meditating.Time went on to describe that meditation is now practiced in the boardrooms and meeting rooms of US leading companies, such as Google, IBM, Hughes Aircraft, US Federal Trade Commission, Ford Motors etc.

corporate meditation

These companies encourage meditation for their staff because meditation works on many levels, and brings huge benefits for both staff and companies alike.

Medi-bank Private States…

‘Workplace stress is a concern for both employees and employers, with national and international statistics showing the prevalence has grown steadily over recent years. It can also impact on employee productivity through increased absenteeism and presenteism; imposing a direct economic cost to employers’
Medibank Private goes on to say that stress-related presenteism and absenteeism are directly costing Australian employers $10.11 billion a year.

Meditation is an excellent way of reducing stress related illness and improving productivity, which will benefit both employers and staff.

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