How to Meditate
Learning the Art of Going Within

how to meditate
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Where to start?

When we start learning to meditate, we begin to leave behind the automatic chain reactions of thinking and doing. If we can have a little patience and humility, meditation is the practice that helps slow us down and it allows our deeper soul part access to answers and connection.

Although learning meditation is easy, it may be hard to practice on a regular basis. When begin learning how to meditate people often find that they need some kind of course or retreat  to really “break through” and discover what meditation can offer.  What people often need to break through, are layers of resistance put up out of fear and concepts, judgments and discouragement. Most of the time we experience our world through conceptual filters. When we learn how to meditate, we practice to drop these filters and instead experience the world directly through our senses and the power of awareness. To achieve this kind of breakthrough it often takes being in a retreat environment, one in which you can truly let go of your everyday concerns for a period of time and work intensively with a meditative technique.

Take a class

There are so many different ways you can learn meditation and that is why so many different ways are offered. The approach that works for one is not for someone else. It is all very unique and personal. What is important is that you pick a teacher who inspires and challenges you, and who speaks to your greatest longing for wholeness and discovery. At first, you may want to experiment with many different styles and approaches. But if you find a teacher and an approach that feels like it fits your inner nature, we would encourage you to work in a committed way within that teacher for a period of time in order to really explore the deeper levels of the practice.

So our main advice to you is; if you have tried a class once and it did not resonate with you - DON'T STOP - keep searching till you find the right teacher, class and approach, and have a community of like-minded people that supports you on your daily journey on how to meditate.

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Our approach on how to meditate

  • Our approach, lessons and teachings are kept very simple as the process of going within can be challenging enough in itself.
  • Instead of teaching you a technique from a particular teaching, we like to teach you the mechanics of meditation with the many different ways and techniques of going within. This will help you sharpen your skills of going within and you will benefit greatly with any other meditation you practice.
  • Our commitment is to give you everything you need to help you overcome possible obstacles fast so you can reap the benefits from your meditation right from the start. Your meditation will become an activity you enjoy and look forward to practicing.
  • We do recommend you take a course or weekend workshop in order to "break through" to the place inside where the real benefits of meditation start to happen for you.

Our offerings

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Get Help and Give Help!

Get help and give Help in The Meditation Corner. A place where you can ask your questions about meditation, your experiences in meditation, share your realizations in a community of dedicated meditators.

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