Relationship Counseling

What Relationship Counseling do You Offer?

We offer relationship counseling sessions for singles as well as couples.

Firstly we strongly advice you to meet us by signing up for a free introductory session. This session will last about 30 minutes. We will give you an idea of the strategy that can work for you and you can then decide if you like to work with us or not. If you are interested in counseling then make sure you are prepared and read the article on what to watch out for in relationship counseling.

We have the unique gift of helping you and your partner as a couple or alone. The sessions might be with Ian and myself with both of you or one us us might have some sessions alone with you. This way we can create the safest environment for you to move towards your goals straight and graciously. Both men and woman's relationships issues can be addressed from the male and female point of view.

Our main objective is to get to the root of the main problem or issue and guide you through pulling that root, if that is what you so desire. Pulling one of the main roots will give you an experience of an incredible breakthrough into more connection, intimacy and love and you will have gained the skills and the tools you need to ongoingly help yourself and if you like, others too. This way your future relationships problems will be an opportunity that you will look forward to in a positive way.

Our Relationship Counseling Background

Ian has helped many people to positively work with relationship issues including poor communication, infidelity, intimacy and closeness, co-dependency, sexual intimacy, and cross-cultural issues. His style is warm, simple and direct.

He loves to see people  reach their true relationship potential and will be there for them all of the way. Ian believes in finding the courage to love when it is difficult, to humbly admit our personal shortcomings, to practice being the best people we can be, and when we fall short, to get back up and try again.

His goal as a relationship counselor is to help people have enriching and meaningful relationships that serve others. Ian is passionate about life, self-inquiry, and growth.

He lives with his wife Rose in Perth Australia and as a Couple they are dedicated to make this world a better place by Being the Change. The most given feedback they have received as a couple is: They walk the talk, they are an excellent example of how to be in an intimate relationship as companions and true friendship.

Rose has a Phd in Nutrition and is a licensed family mediator. She is the founder of the Be the Change Project.

For over 20 years, she has counseled couples on how to build a deep and lasting connection while supporting their individual growth . Her long extensive experience shows in her ability to provide the guidance couples need to create lasting intimacy.

Rose is passionate about finding the right question; meaning finding the root of the problem.

She says: "Once you have taken one problem or issue all the way to it's root, when you pull that root, a whole bunch of other problems and issues just fly out the door!". Once you have gone through this experience you will have the necessary skills and tools you need to do this with yourself and others.

Her deep compassion and non-judgmental listening will have you be comfortable and able to reach for your highest potential. Rose believes wholeheartedly that we can make a difference by Being the Change we wish to see for the world and inspires people around the world to step up from inside and make that difference by Being the Change.

To see more about the project: Be the Change-Movement.

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