Good Communication Skills

Firstly, the greatest misunderstanding re. good communication skills in relationships is that since you talk to your partner, you are automatically communicating. Of course, talking to your partner is indeed a form of communication. But if you answer every day questions like How were the kids? How was work? How’s your sister? with answers like 'alright, as usual, ok', you’re not communicating what is really going on. So we have to learn to communicate not just spend time in 'small talk'.

Secondly, communication either makes or breaks most relationships. Conflict in a relationship is virtually inevitable. In itself, conflict isn’t a problem; but how it’s handled, however, can bring people together or tear them apart. Poor communication skills, disagreements and misunderstandings can be a source of anger and distance or a springboard to learn good communication skills and enjoy a stronger relationship and happier future.

The Four Basic Building Blocks for Good Communication Skills

The following building blocks are the basic principles you want to master to enjoy the get the most out of your relationships from the people you are close to, to the colleges at work.

effective communication
active listening
non verbal communication

Why People Avoid to Improve Relationship Skills?

On the road of improving your relationships skills it pushes us into taking more responsibility for our own transformation. If you are getting more and more adept at communicating you will start to receive more truthful feedback. This gives you an opportunity to investigate and contemplate your actions and behaviors and can lead to change and growth. The more you become aware of the way people around you are communicating, or of what they are not communicating, you will learn more about the motivating factors of human behaviors and again this leads to more awareness and expands your consciousness. Some of this might feel a bit daunting and uncomfortable, but in the end it will lead you on the road to happiness through consciousness. 

Learning how to improve relationship skills is extremely important if you want to:

  1. Attract, create and maintain healthy, sustaining and lasting relationships
  2. Be successful at work and work in team consciousness
  3. Grow and evolve yourself and assist others to do so
  4. Help yourself and people
  5. Be a teacher, leader or manager of any kind
  6. Build something together with others
  7. Feel fulfilled and live a meaningful life
  8. Make a difference in the world


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