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But before any of this you have to ask yourself the question:

"How can I take advise from a life coach and succeed = making it my own?"

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How to take online life coach advise and make it your own?

In this age of information-overload it is becoming more and more important to be discerning on what you read and what advise you follow. The danger of taking all that information in and absorbing the key elements is that we are becoming an expert in the mind. We know so many things but somehow we are not wiser of it. I am sure you meet people that seem to know it all and it is just irritating. Is it because they know so much?...or maybe you can feel that the information is just in their minds and it does not make that person a more capable and wiser, caring and loving human being.

The point of reading information and getting advise is that it transforms you in some way and eventually you will have mastered it and you will be self realized in that area. That is when information turns to gold for you, when you make it your own. To make the information or advise your own it takes the following steps:

  1. Read information or advise that is of high quality to begin with. High quality has a way to point directly to the truth and the danger that you will adopt misconceptions is less.
  2. Read the information several times over. Write things down.
  3. Contemplate the information given. It might be this one sentence that captured your total attention; Fantastic, stay with it and take the time to deeply think it. One sentence of direct truth has the power to change your life.
  4. Share your realizations with a friend or like minded people. Talking about it helps us to receive more understanding. What is the exact essence or teaching in the words that you read?
  5. See how the essence or the teaching of the words apply to your life. Is your life in alignment with the teaching? If not, what change can you make to bring this teaching into your life.
  6. Evaluate your actions till you feel you have mastered 'living' these teaching.  

If you feel ready to move mountains then you might like to work with an online life coach.

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